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for right now. the suspect, james holmes, has been arrested. police believe he acted alone and his motive right now is unknown. tonight, authorities in colorado are trying to piece the puzzle together and we are learning new details about what led up to the tragic event. tom fitzgerald has been tracking the information and he has the latest from the newsroom. tom. >> that motive is the big question tonight in aurora, colorado, where federal local officials are still trying to get to the bottom of exactly what motivated this massacre. the suspect surrendered to authorities where this all unfolded and as this day has gone on, there were just more questions about what fueled this attack. >> it was shortly after midnight when dispatchers started sending police to a packed colorado theater. a man was shooting into the audience. >> units getting into the scene now. somebody actively shooting. >> it all started when the alleged gunman, 24-year-old james holmes, went to the front of the theater and let loose a gas canister. some believed it was a stunt for the film and gunfire rang out
. the gunman, 24-year-old james holmes made his first appearance before a colorado judge he was wide eyed, seemed out of it in a maroon prison jump suit with hair dyed a bright reddish orange. holmes was recordrd to stay -- ordered to stay behind bars in solitary confinement. he is expected to be formerly charged on multiple counts of first degree murder next monday. fox news correspondent, greg boswell joins us live from aurora colorado with the latest craig. >> reporter: good evening most of the talk is generated by the demeanour, appearance of james holmes the suspected gunman in this case not just the orange reddish hair but also, his stare. i describe it as a blank stare other people call it dazed and confused looking like maybe he was going to sleep many family members inside we talked to afterwards felt like maybe he was acting a little bit. acting they were saying because he wants to avoid the death penalty down the line. the prosecutor in this case, saying that is at least 60 days decision away after the arraignment, which is next monday. >>> so with all the information that we g
james holmes used his position as a graduate student to order materials he used to booby trap his apartment. all those explosives are now out but investigators are still combing the apartment for evidence. they have confiscated several items including a laptop computer. >> reporter: good evening, will. this is the second time in two months that the president has been in colorado to comfort residents. he was there in june after wildfires destroyed dozens of homes. this time it's an entire town that is hurting. vigils like this one for recent gateway high school graduate a.j.boyt who is in critical condition are occurring spontaneously. >> he was an amazing person. he was someone to always put a smile on your face. >> reporter: like many of the dozens hurt, his injuries are life-changing. >> they think he may be paralyzed from the neck down but he is doing good and making eye contact and movement. >> reporter: as investigators continue to remove evidence from suspect james holmes apartment, reports are surfacing that his surrender wasn't as cut and dried as previously thought. on th
charged with murder. holmes faces 142 cows total including 24 counts of first- degree murder and 116 charges of attempted murder. james holmes is accused of killing 12 and wound 58 others during the midnight premier of the "dark knight rises." prosecutors could file additional charges and is unclear if they will seek the death penalty. >>> a survivor said that he forgives him. he was shot twice in the foot and twice in the arm and said that the only way he can fully recover is to forgive. >> i forgive you and i knew from the second he walked in that something was not right and there is -- . >> and something bad was going down. >> yeah, there was a dark evil presence. literally it was like time stopped for me. >> he said he would like to talk to james holmes face-to- face to tell him in person that he forgives him. >>> and the news edge on d.c. now. where a dozen protestors rallied outside of the white house this afternoon. the activists chanted and held signs calling for improved gun laws. the group said it's not against handguns in the home, but the increasing availability of rifle
aurora shooti. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring dozens more in the movie theate last week. judge is limiting what those close to the investigation can publicly say. prosecutors are expecting to file charges against holmes ongn monday. there has been some discussion about the death penalty, but a decision won't be made on thatn for several month. >>> banking on bank of america. may not be a good idea. the latest cost-cutting measure that will have the impact.im >> coming up in sports, team usa has one final tuneup before the olympic games, plus time to get ready for redskins trainingsk camp. camp.  i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood... you. >>> doctors activists politicians, joining forces tong stop the spread of hiv on aids. they are taking part in the international aids conference io washington. medical communi
certain abortions in the district and moving ahead to a vote in the full house. eleanor holmes norton joining us next. >>> first, the song of the summer and cookie monster's released his own version of the --es is mestreet scoop changes the word to share it may be and a person is about pookie. check it out. >> and the going of the rocker and betty crocker. this is crazy, you got cookies ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ how you want. but they can be really well thexpensive.ted a puppy, so to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. . >>> the battle between congress and the district is up again. a bill that would ban certain abortions in d.c. it was introduced by arizona congressman trent franks and would ban al
and eleanor holmes norton doesn't get a vote. he's more. >> reporter: the bullies usually pick on the district. this time, they picked a fight with women across the united states. >> reporter: a house bill offered by representative trent franks, a republican from arizona arizona, would ban abortions in the district of columbia after 20 weeks of pregnancy. eleanor holmes northin said she was not allowed to testify at a hearing on the quill in may. >> when it goes to the floor, every member of the house will have a vote on a bill affecting only the district of columbia. >> reporter: in june, after the house voted down a different bill by franks, which would have criminalized the abortions, he made these comments. >> the other day when i tried to past the abortion restriction on this floor, mr. obama's comments went something like this. he thinks he should leave medical decisions to the individuals. >> reporter: arizona is one of several states in the past two years to ban abortion after the 20-week mark. the d.c. bill, which contains an exception for a threat to the mother's life s based on the
suspected gunman, james holmes learns the charges against him. >> reporter: accused shooter james holmes remains in county jail behind me on monday he will be transported to a local courtroom, where he will learn the extent of his charges we foe he will be charged with 12 counts of first degree murder but also the possibility of 58 counts of attempted murder charges as well as a slew of others pertaining to not only the mass murder at the theatre but his booby trapped apartment the judge will release that gag order allowing the media and public as well as victims families to gain access to more information pertaining to his psychiatrist, dr. lynn fenton. media is inquiring as to her knowledge of holmes. surviving are struggling with debilitating injuries the mother of murdered veronica sullivan that little 6-year-old girl who died in the massacres has suffered a miscarriage, ashley was 8 weeks pregnant with her second child the night she was shot in the neck, and the abdomen. also in critical care, joseph garbi his sister spoke to us about the community coming together. >> this community
in the city after 20 weeks of pregnancy. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton joins us now to talk about the committee's action. thank you very much for being here. appreciate your presence, despite the weather that you had to get through to be with us. >> of course. >> i want to give our viewers more details about this bill. it doesn't include exceptions of rape, incest, or the help of the mother. and there is -- some abortions. can you give us more what is behind this? >> not only a fine but up to two years in prison for a health provider. what is behind this is a national campaign. and to march through the states, get states to attach bills that essentially attack roe versus wade, the sponsors and the pro-life sources don't have the cuts to put a national bill of that kind on the floor because it's a direct assault on roe versus wade that says that up until liability -- vability, the woman can have an abortion and after that, that is a matter for for and her physicians, and this bill tries to push beyond that. the bill is already under attack and the courts and it's sponsored by a rep
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